The fee for children registered full-time, which any child is registered in for three to five days per week, is $8.35 per day.  Rates are subject to change by ministry.  Payments of fees are to be paid on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule (your convenience).  In the case of unpaid fees, the program is automatically cancelled until fees are paid in full.  If a waiting list has been created due to an increase in ratio and the hiring of new staff is required, any parent that has lost daycare privileges due to unpaid fees will have their name added to the bottom of the waiting list and their subsidized spot will be given to the first student on the waiting list.

The fees for children registered as Sporadic, 2 days per week or less the rates are:

  • $4.00 Morning
  • $12.00 Afternoon
  • $16.70 P.D. Days

Receipts are issued for all payments made.  We ask that you keep these as a proof of payment.  This measure is taken for security reasons only (i.e. if something would happen to our financial records).  Please make sure to always obtain your receipt for payment before leaving the Daycare.  Do not leave fees at the school office.

If your child is absent from Daycare you are still required to pay your full daycare fee.  However, you do not pay for Statutory Holidays, or when the Daycare is closed for Christmas and March Break.

Parents who wish to register his/her child(ren) for P. D. Days, must do so in advance.  These days are to be pre-paid upon registration.  If the child(ren) do not attend there will be no refunds.  If the Daycare is not open (lack of registrations), only in this circumstance will we reimburse you.

Receipts will be issued for Federal Income Tax for regular fee payers / $8.35 per day.  Sporadic fees over $16.70 per day are eligible for both tax receipts.

The Daycare will not accept any registration of a child(ren) who has an unpaid balance on an account from the previous school year, or another school until all fees are paid in full.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mavis Palmer at 819-647-3911.