Home & School

The McDowell Home & School Association would like to welcome all new students and parents. We know that you will find Dr. S. E. McDowell a very warm and friendly place to be!

Our Home & School was founded in 2000 and we are hoping to continue to build a strong and effective Association with as many volunteers as possible. Volunteers have become a vital part of school communities today and together with students and staff we can help improve many elements of the school community – whether it’s raising funds for trips, assisting in the school library or helping out wherever and whenever needed, every little contribution helps!

The Home & School Association is an independent organization of parents who are dedicated to enhancing the education and general well being of our children. It is not connected to any school board. We are here to help our kids. We raise money to buy necessary equipment and resources to help our kids learn and grow.

We need the support and input from everyone. So please join today. We are all in this together!

It’s for our Kids. Our Kids are worth it !

For information please call the school.