Code of Conduct – see code Conduct


If your child is taking medicine prescribed by a doctor (e.g. antibiotics), it must be brought to the school office by the parent.  Children should not carry medication  to and from school on the bus or keep it in their lockers at school.

Some School staff are permitted to administer only medication prescribed by a doctor.  Over the counter medication (e.g. aspirin, cough syrup), will not be given at school unless it is accompanied by a note or prescription from a doctor.

Children with food allergies should have their medication on them at all times (Epipen, Allerject or other)

Lunch Policy

Students who live within walking distance of the school may go home for lunch.  Written permission from home is required for other students to leave the school grounds at noon and they must be met by an adult at the Office.

The cafeteria offers a wide variety of food and drink at reasonable prices.  A list of daily specials and all prices is included in this handbook.  Hot lunches must be ordered at the beginning of the school day by notifying the homeroom teacher.

Students are encouraged to bring a nutritious lunch consisting of the four food groups.

Students are also encouraged to bring environmentally friendly lunches.  Lunches packed using reusable plastic containers and those resulting in the minimum of garbage are best.

A child who forgets his lunch should tell his teacher.  A nutritious, low cost lunch will be provided, the cost of which must be repaid.

Playground Supervision

School staff will supervise the playground, before school, beginning at 8:15 a.m. and during the morning recess.  There are four lunch hour supervisors on duty during the noon break.  Teachers supervise the bus loading at the end of the day.  The playground is not supervised before 8:15 or after 3:05 and students are not allowed on the playground outside of school hours.