Educational Programme


A program is offered for children who reach the age of four by September 30th of the current calendar year.  This program commences after funding is determined and runs two full days per week for each group.  Parents who wish to provide a program for four year olds in the school setting from September until the possibility of the Board takes over are given the opportunity to form a Parent Co-Operative Pre-Kindergarten.  The school provides a classroom for the program and children who live along the regular routes are allowed to travel by school bus.


In Kindergarten, an atmosphere is provided for the children in which they can work and play harmoniously with others.  An attitude of courtesy towards others, helpfulness, respect for property and the rights of others is stressed.  Many opportunities for the expression of ideas are provided, ranging from taking part in theme discussions to listening to stories and poetry.  These activities increase the children’s knowledge and build experiences that establish a foundation for reading.  A wide variety of materials is used to make learning to read a pleasurable, meaningful experience.  In the Math program, the children become actively involved with concrete materials.  Throughout the school year, the children work with patterns, sorting and classifying, graphing and measurement estimation.

This program is designed to meet the needs and interests of children at their particular level.  It is child centered and activity oriented.  All the activities have been carefully designed to promote the child’s maximum growth, not only physically and mentally, but emotionally, socially, linguistically and creatively.


The school is equipped with computers, Ipads, tablets and Chromebooks and all classrooms have Smartboards.   All classes have the opportunity to become familiar with computer programs appropriate to their level in the classroom and Computer Centre.

English Language Arts

Students learn to appreciate and use the English language as a means of shaping and communicating their ideas and feelings clearly, effectively, and imaginatively.  They also learn to understand the ideas and feelings of others.

They are taught to listen, speak, read, and write, using themes that are meaningful to the child.  Creative writing and literature are emphasized.  Phonics, spelling, and grammar are taught as part of each theme.  The program is enriched by visits from authors , theatre groups, cultural resources and our community.


In Math programs, emphasis is placed on the use of concrete materials to teach the understanding of concepts and the development of problem solving strategies.  Texts used are those approved by the Ministry of  Education and are supplemented with a wide range of teaching materials and experiences.


Visual Arts, Drama, Music and Dance fall under the heading of Arts Education.  The school has an emphasis on Visual Arts and Drama.  Each year students will have the opportunity to create, interpret and appreciate works of arts in two or more of these areas. Through Culture grants we engage many different artists into our school.


The children are introduced to all facets of their environment, very simply in the primary levels and with increasing complexity in the upper levels.  A wide variety of texts, reference books and hands-on materials are used.

The Cycle Three classes may also  follow a video-based, hands-on Science program that instills positive, empowering attitudes toward science disciplines (ecology, biology and physics).  The University of Alabama serves as a network for many Quebec and American schools.  Cooperative Learning strategies are used in all aspects of the program.

Cultural Activities and Field Trips

To complement the instruction that takes place within the classroom, activities and outings are planned by the staff throughout the school year.  Parents are always advised of upcoming events and written parental permission is required for scheduled activities outside of  the school.  A nominal fee is usually requested to help defray the cost of these events.

French Immersion

We offer a vibrant French Immersion programme with 100% French instruction from kindergarten , grade 1 and grade 2 then  a 60 % French 40% English in grades 3-6.

French Instruction

Extended Core Programme:  300 min. /week

The French Second Language program commences at the Kindergarten level and continues through level six.  It emphasizes the communicative approach.  The four skills to be developed are, auditory comprehension, oral expression, reading and writing.

To enhance opportunities to use the French language and for purposes of vocabulary building, at least one other subject is offered in French.  Traditionally, courses in the Social Studies or Arts area have been used for this purpose.

Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of the total education of every young person.  It is the only discipline in the curriculum which addresses itself to the ‘physical’ as well as the ‘mental’ development of the child.  Students will learn to perform movement skills and interact with others in different physical activity settings.  The importance of adopting a healthy, active lifestyle will be stressed throughout the program.

For all pupils under the jurisdiction of the Western Quebec School Board, physical/health education classes are compulsory unless a doctor’s certificate requests exemption.  Students are expected to wear comfortable clothes and running shoes on gym days.

Students in Cycle 3 may have the opportunity to compete in extra-mural (within WQSB) sports such as basketball and volleyball.  Students are chosen for these teams on the basis of skill, knowledge, attitude and behaviour.

Ethics and Religious Culture Programme

This program is most often delivered by the homeroom teacher. The learnings carried on in the program are based on the following four principles: they are continuous learnings, rooted in the student’s reality and in Quebec culture; they respect the freedom of conscience and religion, and foster living in harmony with others.