The school does not have a staff member responsible for the library. Parents (grandparents too!) and staff members are asked to contribute time to purchase books and organize and maintain the library. (Each teacher is responsible for checking out books for his/her class). A notice is sent out in September asking for volunteers to process new books and ‘man’ the library during school hours.

Borrowing Books

Kindergarten and Cycle One children may check out one book at a time for a period of one day.
Cycle One Year Two through Cycle Three Year 2 children may check out a maximum of two books for a period of one week. A one week extension will be granted upon request.

Reference books such as encyclopedia, dictionaries and atlases are not to leave the library unless signed out by a teacher.

Teachers may sign out class sets of books for project work or literature units for a period of two weeks. (Up to 30 books). An extension may be granted if necessary.

Overdue Books

Books may be borrowed from the library only when books previously borrowed have been returned. If a book is more than three weeks overdue, a written reminder will be sent to the child.

Damaged Books

If books are returned in damaged condition, a penalty will be assessed to cover the cost of repairs. A letter stating specifically what repairs have been necessary will be sent home.
If the book is returned in unusable condition, the child will be charged the replacement cost, but she/he will be allowed to keep the book.
Lost Books

Children will be asked to pay the replacement cost of any book lost. If the book is found and returned at a later date, the money will be refunded.